Multiportal formwork requires few workers and ensures time reduction of a crane handling. The system is optimised to reduce at the best the formwork assembling timing and it replies also optimally to the static requirements and geometric variables. 4 modular standard sizes:

- 2,50 x 4,00 m
- 2,50 x 5,00 m
- 2,00 x 4,00 m
- 2,00 x 5,00 m

Use of 3-layer panels (yellow panel) 21 or 27mm excluded from the supply. For the free choice of the panel is available the grid for table Multiportal.

Slab heights: Up to ca. 6.00 m with props for slab CONDOR ALU CP;
For greater heights use of shoring towers multicom.
Supports a high load (slab thicknesses up to 84 cm), despite its own low weight (about 55 kg / m²);
Structure composed by high-quality system components, such as OMNI 120 ledgers and the SH20 beams, for an extremely long-lasting system and minimal maintenance costs;

Possibility to deliver on time to the construction site of pre-assembled table.

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