1. Ristrutturazione Pont D'ael 2. Ristrutturazione Pont D'ael

Restoration of the Pont d'Ael

The project involved the restoration of the Pont d'Ael, the Roman aqueduct bridge that rises near the village of the same name, in the municipality of Aymavilles, Valle d'Aosta.

The bridge, located at the entrance of the Val di Cogne, crosses a valley that is 66 meters deep (that’s the height of the bridge from the valley floor) which is crossed by the River Grand Eyvia.

The adverse conditions of the site required the use of a highly flexible scaffolding, extremely adaptable but nonetheless supporting a high flow rate. condor has designed and supplied multidirectional scaffolding multicom ME105.

The scaffold is designed as arch-shaped, rising with supports on the side slopes of the valley.

Used products