1.City Gate, La Valetta 2.City Gate, La Valetta 3.City Gate, La Valetta

City Gate

The famous Genoese architect signing the reconstruction of the Royal Opera and the new Parliament. Renzo Piano will also rebuild the City gate which is the entrance door to the Maltese capital. A prestigious result for the "Made in Italy" and the know-how Condor, an Italian company specialized in the production of formwork and scaffolding that is among the suppliers of the project. The condor technologies have enabled the creation of a support structure for large blocks of rock that cover the facade of the new parliament of the Maltese capital.

Specifically, we used the modular system formwork Omni with aluminum props, beams and girders Omni SH20. A system characterized by extreme flexibility and therefore adaptable to every need with the standard components that allow you to get any configuration from the simplest to the most complex. A project that represents the combination of creativity - innovation that has always been the symbol of Italian excellence recognized worldwide.

Used products:
System formwork Omni

Used products