Formwork systems developed to optimize wall structural performance. Choose technological innovation for reinforced modular formwork by Condor: beam formwork systems, metal formwork, circular formwork.

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Easyset Formwork
photo Easyset Formwork
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New: Easyset Galvanized Formwork
EASYSET metal formwork includes a range of lightweight panels; easy to use and ideal for small walls and pillars.

Adatto Formwork
photo Adatto Formwork
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Adatto Wall Formwork
Steel | Aluminum
Use: For walls, pillars, retaining walls, retaining walls and vertical-type castings
Concrete Pressure: 60 Kn/SqM
Modular and Adaptable

Comax Formwork
photo Comax Formwork
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Comax Wall Formwork
Steel | Aluminum
Usage: For walls, pillars, vertical-type castings.
Concrete Pressure: 100 Kn/SqM
Higher level performance and higher pouring capacity

Formwork Circular Radius
photo Formwork Circular Radius
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Steel and birch plywood panels
Using: Circular structures or curved, S-shaped walls (silos, tanks and stacks circular, etc.)
Concrete Pressure: 60 Kn/SqM
Speed and Flexibility of use

Formwork for Circular Pillar
photo Formwork for Circular Pillar
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Metal formwork for circular columns
Use: Pillars circular surfaces facing
Concrete Pressure: 150 Kn/SqM
Speed and security

Omni Modular System
photo Omni Modular System
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Special Omni Formwork
Wooden beams, steel ledgers, plywood panel
Usage: Custom design for casting concrete (SCC)
Pressure jet: without pressure limits
Adaptable to any kind of project