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20 Flex System
photo 20 Flex System
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Formwork system for 20 flex Slab
Consisting of: yellow beams supported by props via crossheads fixed. Usage: plates, prefabricated joists, beams and jet full cast slabs, and pots
Disarmament: ordinary
Low cost and simplicity of mounting

Eco system
photo Eco system
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ECO Slab Formwork System
Consisting of: GPH20 Beam warping, TDA heads and intermediate support heads.
Usage: reinforced full slab concrete floors.
Disarmament: ordinary + anticipated
Fast and Flexible

G-Deck Formwork System
photo G-Deck Formwork System
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System Formwork for Slabs G-Deck
Quick and systematic assembly
Adaptable to all geometry layouts
It is equipped with elements that allow you to shutter lower beams as well

Slab Aludeck System
photo Slab Aludeck System
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ALUDECK Slab Formwork System
Consisting of: warping beams, aluminum frame panels, drop heads or fixed heads and hole covers.
Usage: reinforced full slab concrete floors.
Disarmament: ordinary + anticipated
Resistance and Handling

photo Props
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CONDOR props are in compliance with European Standards:
CEP10 with capacities ranging from 30 to 10 kN (class A-B)
CEP20 with capacities ranging from 35 to 20 kN (class C-D)
CEP30 with capacity ranging from 40 to 30 kN (class E)
ALU CP aluminum high flow props