Condor scaffolds production and sale. Try the quality and safety of our mobile scaffold towers with a steel deck: Tube and Coupler system, Prefabricated Frames systems, Multidirectional modular scaffolding system, Tables for decking

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Multidirectional Scaffolding Multicom
photo Multidirectional Scaffolding Multicom
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Galvanized Steel
Use: façade scaffolding of any sort, shoring or slab towers, public stairs, coverings, stages and galleries.
Load Capacity: 600daN/SqM
Modular and Adaptable

Risk Free Safe Scaffolding
photo Risk Free Safe Scaffolding
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Use: façade scaffolding of any sort. Mounting and dismantling works personnel operates safely even without anti-falling supporting devices.
Load Capacity: 600 daN/SqM
Safe and Fast

Prefabricated Frame with Bushes
photo Prefabricated Frame with Bushes
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S235JR Galvanized/Painted Steel
Use: scaffolding, linear building façade.
Advisable both for refurbishment and new construction
Maximum lifting capacity: 300daN/SqM
Easily and fast mounted

Prefabricated Frame with Pins
photo Prefabricated Frame with Pins
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Galvanized steel S235JR | Painted
Usage: maintenance and new construction even at significant heights
Maximum lifting capacity: 300daN/MQ
Stability and Handling

Scaffolding Tube and Coupler
photo Scaffolding Tube and Coupler
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Galvanized steel S235JR | Painted Black
Usage: recovery of artifacts, support structures, stiffening and reinforcement of dangerous buildings, maintenance and restoration of particularly complex or extremely degraded architectural works. Use both in residential and industrial building.
Maximum lifting capacity: 1100 daN
Simple and Inexpensive

System Fence Bar.Co
photo System Fence Bar.Co
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Galvanized Steel
Usage: fences for construction sites and areas prohibited to vehicles and/or persons, or intended for storage or parking.
Quick Installation and Minimum maintenance

Tables for Scaffolding Sirio
photo Tables for Scaffolding Sirio
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SIRIO Tables for Scaffolding and Scaffolding
Anti-slip Galvanized steel
Security and Robustness

The Modular - Mobile scaffold
photo The Modular - Mobile scaffold
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Galvanized scaffolding
Scaffolding Mobile
Used for exterior work
Stable and sturdy, various configurations